6 Reasons to Start a Spiritual Journey

A spiritual journey is a lifelong journey to find out who you are, your issue in life and possibly the source of them and how to come to peace with the world as well as yourself. Your journey belongs to no one but you. It is your own path and no one can force or rush you before you’re ready, they can only support you.

A spiritual journey is not just, ‘positive vibes only,’ and pure happiness 24/7, it often comes with a lot of shadow work (sorting through generational and personal trauma). It’s sensitive and exhausting work at times, but so rewarding when you look back on it. At it’s root, it is a continuous process of asking questions.

The, ‘spiritual,’ refers to energy. There is not one person who does not radiate energy, both negative and positive. In healing the spirit, you, or an outside source, would connect the Divine energy to guide healing for the body, mind and spirit. There are 5 Types of spiritual healing which I went into detail here.

Now that you have an understanding of what an actual spiritual journey would entail, why would you want to start one?

  1. To start healing from past generational and personal trauma.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that we’re not only dealing with our own personal trauma from birth to adulthood, but we are carrying the wight of our family’s generational trauma as well. (I know, right)? Trauma we didn’t even know about can affect how we’re raised, boundaries growing up, verbal and physical abuse as well as health issues in our own bodies. It’s important to begin asking questions and if those questions aren’t answered, going about healing and living through the trauma.

2. To begin living the life you were meant to live.

You are meant to enjoy life whatever that means for you. You do not have to suffer to be enlightened or go on a spiritual journey, but for those who have, you were not put on this planet to suffer.

3. To better support others through rough times / Help others begin their own journey.

As of June 2020, you can turn on any television or go on any [most] social platforms and see how the people in this world are. There’s very little love in this world being shown daily. If we love ourselves and love others, we can get a lot further than what we are.

4. To be happy within yourself and no look to outside sources or people to find your happiness.

An addiction doesn’t necessarily have to be a substance. Addictions can take form in relationships, both good (co-dependency) and bad (toxic behaviors). Some may be addicted to working not because they enjoy what they do, but because they may have a possible feeling of inadequacy that has manifested itself through performing. Being happy with yourself should be the main goal in life and everything else that flourishes should come second.

5. It was not your fault, but it is your responsibility to heal.

This was a heavy one, even for me. How messed up is it that you’re not responsible for your childhood trauma, but healing from the memories you can’t even remember (and the ones you can) is all on you. Whether it’s childhood trauma or adult, these experiences can leave a lifelong lasting impression on your mental, spiritual and even physical health. Take charge little by little over your life.

6. You deserve it.

You deserve to begin the healing and growing process. You deserve to be able to live life to the fullest, no matter what you’ve been through. Could you imagine having a little less weighing on your everyday? It will not happen overnight, after all, life is a journey, however, even the smallest steps can make a huge improvement everyday.

During this time of starting your journey, it is important that you are patient with yourself and others. Be patient with yourself in understanding that this may not be an easy process for you. That’s ok. Being understanding with others in that they may not be on board with your healing, they may need to start their own journey OR they you may start to outgrow them. Some things are easier to come to terms with than others, but the most important thing is your healing should come first.

You can’t pour from an empty cup after all!

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